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Top 5 Running Shoes 2016

Top 5 Running Shoes 2016: There are a number of benefits associated with running, including drops in blood pressure and body weight, and increases in lung capacity. The types of equipment needed by runners is relatively limited, a good pair of running shoes is an absolute must! Running shoes not only provide substantial foot cushioning, […]

What To Wear When You Start Running

One of the wonderful things about taking up running is you don’t need special clothing to begin – just a pair of comfortable shorts or sweat pants and a shirt. Beyond your first couple of runs, though, you will need to start thinking about strategizing your clothing. Dealing With Sweat Did you know that conditioned […]

What To Do About Sweat When Running

Running is an excellent workout, and that means it’s perfectly natural to work yourself into a sweat when you do it. Everyone sweats at different levels, however, and some may feel that the sweat is starting to get in the way. It’s really not nice when it starts dripping down into your eyes! If you’re […]

How To Choose The Best Fit In A Running Shoe

It’s time to get a new pair of running shoes, but how do you know if the pair you choose is actually right for you? You may not be able to depend on the shoe salesman knowing how to best fit you for a running shoe, unless you are shopping at a sports store. Otherwise […]

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