Where To Store Your Belongings When Running

Ideally we’d all be able to go out for a run without carrying anything with us, however most of us at least need keys, some money and our cellphones. That leaves the question – how should you store your belongings when you run, so that they don’t get in your way? Here are a few ideas.

Sports Armbands: Sports armbands are perfect for those who like to listen to music or use smartphone apps while they run. They simply strap around your arm to keep things completely secure in a way that won’t interfere with your running. You can get waterproof armbands if necessary to protect against the elements, too.

Tuck Things Into Your Clothing: For some smaller items, it’s possible to get away with tucking them into your clothing. Many runners carry some money folded up in their shoe, for example. Women often tuck small items into their sports bra, or inside the top of their pants. All of these places are probably going to get pretty sweaty during a run, but they’re still a good option if you really don’t want to carry anything extra.

Running Backpacks: If you’ve got more items to carry then a backpack could be the answer. A standard backpack might get in the way, though. Instead, look for backpacks specifically designed for running, preferably with chest straps that’ll ensure they don’t move around too much.

Running Belts: If you need a secure, zipped pocket to carry some important items then a SPI (small personal item) belt can come in very handy. It isn’t too thick, and it fits securely around your waist so that it won’t jiggle around as you run. Inside the zipped up pocket you can fit a card, keys and cellphone.

Handheld Bottle Carriers: Carrying water is possible but for many it can be distracting. To make things easier, you can get bottles specially designed for runners with a handle built right in. Some of these even have pockets attached to add small items. Alternatively, you could opt for a running belt that has bottle holders built in.

There are stories of some runners strategically placing water bottles en route, or hiding their items away until the end of their run. However, neither of these methods is very foolproof, and you’re definitely at risk of having something stolen. Play it safe and simply use one of the methods above instead!

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